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What People Are Saying About Boulder Sports Massage

Kyle is a fantastic massage therapist! I suffer from tension headaches and need Kyle to help relieve all the back/shoulder/neck tension that builds up every week. i always leave feeling better. Kyle is receptive to what you need done and always manages to find the trouble areas and work out the knots. I wouldn’t go to anyone else.

Kate Stansfield

We’ve both been going to Kyle for massages for 18 years and have never had a reason to look for another massage therapist.

I (Jean) exercise a lot and work on the computer which causes me to have very tight and sore muscles. I get a massage from Kyle every 2 weeks and don’t know how I’d survive without them. I come into his office sore and stiff and leave feeling like a new person! He has the ability to find every spot that is hurting and work out the soreness and knots.  He can and does use a range of techniques depending upon what I want and need.  In some areas I like a deep tissue massage because that is what is most effective on me, other portions of the massage are more relaxing if he’s working on an area that doesn’t need quite the same intensity of treatment.

I (Joel) am usually not as tense as Jean.  I was diagnosed with TMJ many years ago, my doctor recommended I get a massage every three weeks, and I liked it enough to keep getting massages over the years.  I’ll tell Kyle what, if anything, needs special attention (playing video games until 1:00 a.m. isn’t good for certain muscles), and he’ll spend extra time, or use different techniques, on those parts.  I almost always feel better coming out than I did going in.  The exceptions are usually when I’ve got incredibly tight muscles protecting damage from some skiing or biking fall, and I’ve learned from experience that a painful massage will make me feel better by the next day.  (Kyle carefully avoids the actual damage in these sessions.)

Aside from being a skilled massage therapist, Kyle is a genuinely nice guy.  Our two kids are the same age as his, so we’ve all had lots of conversations about their lives and the trials raising them.  When we evacuated our house during the 2013 flood, Kyle was one of two friends we called first to see if they’d take us, our five cats, and the eight foster kittens we had at the time.  Lucky for him, we found lodging for our menagerie before he called back.

We can both whole-heartedly recommend Kyle for anyone looking for a massage therapist, whether you want a gentle, relaxing massage, or a more intense, therapeutic massage.

Jean and Joel McCormack

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