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Boulder Sports Massage

Boulder Sports Massage is Boulder County’s premier sports massage therapy practice. We offer performance-enhancing, pain-relieving massage that allows you to take the benefits of your bodywork off the table and into your daily life. We customize your bodywork to your activities and lifestyle, providing a massage that is both stress-reducing and therapeutic in the long term.

Sports massage is not just for athletes. This vigorous approach to bodywork, with a focus on applying sustained pressure to deep and connective muscle tissue targets each client’s individual issues.

Sports massage is beneficial not only for professional athletes seeking improved conditioning, but also for enthusiasts and weekend warriors, as well as for people whose jobs and daily routines may be physically taxing or involve repetitive movements. We feel that sitting at a desk for ten hours a day is the physical equivalent of high-stress athletic training. So whether you are running a marathon, or running after your three-year old, sport massage offers a wide range of benefits for optimal performance in your daily life.

Boulder Sports Massage can create a custom bodywork plan to help you get back to the sports and active lifestyle you love.

Sports Massage Therapy Boulder

Boulder Sports Massage

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